Tips for Applying Tint to Car Windows

Having tinted windows not only adds aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, but it also provides more durability and allows for optimal levels of sun protection. You can buy vehicles that feature tinted windows or you can choose to apply a tinted window film to the existing windows on your vehicle. It is possible to tint the windows of your car on your own if you follow a few helpful tips that are designed to make the process simpler.


It is always important that you first inquire about the window tint laws in place within your state before you purchase a film. Different films have different levels of tint and it is important that you choose a film that is within the regulations for the state that you reside in. You will be able to determine the tint level of the film by looking at the sidebar panel on the packaging, because the tint level will be highlighted.


It is also essential that you take the time to prepare the windows on your car that you wish to tint. You can't just apply the film and expect it to be secure. You must begin by making sure that the surface of the window is completely clean of dirt and any debris. It is best to use a squeegee to make sure that you have washed away all dirt. If you are prepping the side windows of a car, you need to roll the windows down a few inches when you are cleaning them the second time.


Cutting the tinted film to size is often the trickiest part. It can be a good idea to use a template when you are trying to get the exact size. The template can be made from nylon paper that is cut to the size of the window or windshield. You can then trace the template when you are cutting the tinted film. This will ensure that you do not waste the film. Having the template will allow you to cut the film with more accuracy and create a fit that is ideal for the specific size of your window.

Window Solution

It is important to liberally apply the window solution before you attach the tinted film to the window. The edges should be the area of the windows and windshield that you apply the most window solution. These areas normally peel off with more frequency, so they need more solution.

For more tips or help with car window tinting, contact a professional.