What to Look For When Choosing Interior Shutters for the Home

Interior shutters are a great type of window treatment for any room, but they work especially well in smaller spaces where oversized curtains and drapes might seem out of place. Shutters are also good for kitchens, where airborne grease and other food debris might get absorbed by curtains and roller shades. When you start shopping for interior shutters, you might be surprised to see the many options available when it comes to styles and materials, so note a few features to look for when you're ready to make your choice.

Size of panels

Shutters come in a wide range of panel sizes, so consider the space you need for opening the shutters. The larger the panels, the more they will jut out into the room when opened, or the more space they will need to lie flat on the walls next to the windows. In very small areas, opt for more panels that fold and slide out of place; each panel will then be smaller, and the shutters will need less clearance to be opened all the way.

Note, too, that you might prefer plantation shutters in some windows. These have an upper and a lower set of panels, which open and close independently of each other. You can then keep the lower set closed for privacy while opening the upper set for a nice view to the outside.

Size of slats

You may not realize how the size of the slats of shutters affects their overall style. Very small slats can seem a bit rustic and may look busy in a large shutter panel. Larger slats may offer a more traditional look and are often better for larger shutter panels—the space won't look cluttered. Larger slats might also be faster to clean than smaller slats!


It can be good to choose a neutral colour for your shutters if you plan on layering curtains or drapes in front of them so the materials don't clash. This can also be good if you have lots of upholstered furniture in the room, with strong patterns or bold colours. However, choosing shutters with a warm colour can bring style and personality into an otherwise dull space. Opt for a dark stain on wood shutters to warm up a room with light tan carpeting and a light colour on the walls, or choose unpainted wood shutters for a bit of a rustic touch that can make a space seem cosier and more inviting.