Reasons To Install Double-Glazed Doors In Your Home

An upgrade that will have a major impact on your home is the installation of double-glazed glass doors. You'll have a view to outside while maintaining your home's efficiency. Consider the following reasons for this enhancement.

Efficient Form Of Glass

In a home, glass windows and doors present weak links in terms of efficiency — heat passes through a pane of glass more easily than through solid walls and roofs. Double glazing is a technique that makes glass more efficient. It consists of two panes with a sealed pocket of air or gas in between, which obstructs heat flow. Thus, double-glazed doors will curb warmth escaping in winter and check outside heat from penetrating your home in summer.

Allows You To Maintain An Open Airy Home

The beauty of the double-glazed doors is that you don't have to sacrifice a light and airy home for a comfortable and efficient one. Without the in-built performance of double glazing, for the sake of efficiency, you might have to fit solid opaque doors as well as small windows. However, this ingenious glazing arrangement allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Door openings are tall spaces, and when filled with glass, they fill your home with welcoming light — and the double panes will keep your home comfy.

Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Another reason to fit glass doors in your home is to make the rooms feel broader and more spacious. Even though the doors form a barrier, being able to see beyond gives the illusion of a bigger place — having a more extensive view makes the room itself seem more expansive. This is particularly helpful in small rooms such as a home office, in which you or others in the household may spend many hours. The floor-to-wall windows in highrises are why, despite often being divided into cubicles, they often don't seem confined. The view makes all the difference. 

Why Glass Doors Are Better Than Windows

Glass doors merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces in a way that windows typically don't. Because the transparent glass starts low near ground level on a door, even when closed, it doesn't create a visual impediment to outside. Windows, conversely, that generally start at a higher point on a wall, don't give the same sense of oneness with outside. The wall area underneath the window frame forms a block. Thus the two openings provide quite different effects. Of course, you can also open doors, removing the barrier completely, which you can't with windows.

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