Mess From Above: How to Stop Birds Making a Mess on Your Skylight

Because skylights face directly upwards, they are prime targets for bird droppings. No one wants to look up and see pigeon poop rather than the clear blue sky. Below are 5 ways you can help to keep birds away from your skylight so they stay nice and clean.

Install plastic spikes

Anti-bird spikes are small strips of sharp plastic spikes which can be easily fitted around your skylight. Because they are made from plastic, they will not hurt any birds which try to land on them, but they will be uncomfortable enough to stop the bird perching near the skylight.

Trim back trees

The branch of a tree overhanging a skylight is the perfect place for birds to perch while they poop onto the glass below. To stop this happening you simply need to trim any overhanging branches. As well as stopping the bird dropping problem, this will also help to guard against broken branches falling onto your roof or skylight and damaging them.

Use sunlight to cause a fright

Birds do not like rapidly moving lights as they can cause them to become disorientated. Hang old DVDs and CDs using pieces of string from the edge of your roof. As they blow in the wind, they will rotate and catch the sunlight. This will keep any birds looking for somewhere to perch away from your skylight. You could also place metallic garden windmills on your roof to achieve a similar effect.

Use sonic bird repellents

You could consider investing in a sonic bird repellent system. These systems play a recording of a bird of prey at set intervals. Any nuisance birds should avoid the area if they believe they are under threat by a bird of prey. However, as time goes by the sounds these systems produce may also annoy you just as much as the birds.

Use a decoy or scarecrow

Models of predators such as owls or snakes can help to keep birds away from your skylight. These plastic models can be placed on the roof near your skylight to scare birds away. If you are feeling creative, you could also make a traditional scarecrow and place this on the roof.

If you feel you need any further help or advice about how best to protect your skylight from birds, you should make contact with a professional skylight company who will be happy to assist you with this problem.