Tips for Applying Tint to Car Windows

Having tinted windows not only adds aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, but it also provides more durability and allows for optimal levels of sun protection. You can buy vehicles that feature tinted windows or you can choose to apply a tinted window film to the existing windows on your vehicle. It is possible to tint the windows of your car on your own if you follow a few helpful tips that are designed to make the process simpler. [Read More]

Factors to Consider When Buying New Stacker Doors

Stacker or sliding doors can be a good choice for any part of your home where you want to lead to the outside deck or patio, as they don't need the clearance of French doors or other such styles. Stacker doors can come in multiple sections so that you can easily slide open one or two sections and stack them onto a third, giving you ultimate control over the light and airflow into your home. [Read More]