Why Choose Blinds for Your Window Treatments?

Along with shutters and curtains, blinds are among the most popular ways of dressing a window today. There are some high-tech options, too, such as polarising glass, but these approaches are much more expensive than fitting a simple blind. That said, this type of window treatment still allows homeowners plenty of different options. As well as straightforward and functional roller blinds, there are, of course, Venetian ones, vertical ones and Roman ones you could opt for. If you are thinking about replacing your old curtains, then why should you consider doing so with blinds? Read on to find out.

Versatility and Uniformity

If you are looking for a type of window treatment that allows you to cover all of your windows — and glazed doorways — with a single style, then blinds are a particularly good choice. Most manufacturers make them to the exact measurements you will need for the different sizes and shapes of glazing around your home. This means that they are versatile enough to go anywhere even when there isn't much space to the side which would hamper the installation of curtains or a fold-up shutter. As such, you can get a uniform look even though every blind in your home could be made to a different set of dimensions.

Enhanced Light Control

Blinds tend to work vertically so you can raise and lower them as you see fit to control the amount of light that is coming into your home. This is very helpful, especially in winter when the sun is low in the sky and most of the light is penetrating your home from the top of each window. Unlike hinged shutters or curtains — which operate horizontally — this gives you a much better chance of reducing unwanted glare while still being able to have enough natural light to see what you are doing. Even better, Venetian blinds have slats that you can adjust to fine-tune exactly how much light flows in.

Simple to Maintain

There are very few things that can go wrong with blinds. The worst most people experience with them is that their control mechanism gets jammed because something has fallen inside. In such cases, this is usually very simple to resolve by just vacuuming out the offending object. What's more, the fabric of roller blinds won't fade or need to be washed. Even Venetian blinds need very little attention. You just need to dust them once in a while, something that is easy to do when you set the slats to their vertical position.