Should You Buy Double-Glazed Windows?

People who install double-glazed windows aim to insulate and soundproof their houses. However, there are some things you need to know or understand before making your purchase.

What are double-glazed windows?

Double-glazed windows are also referred to as double-paned windows or insulating glass units (IGUs).

They comprise two glass panels placed in a frame and separated by an air-filled pocket, which must be sealed completely (airtight). The commonly used gas is argon, but krypton and xenon gas can also be used. 

Why argon, krypton, and xenon gas? They don't conduct heat as well as air, meaning they achieve insulation requirements better. 

Argon is cheaper than krypton and xenon, and that's why it's the most common. However, krypton is better suited for triple-glazed windows because of thinner gaps – it works best for narrower spaces. Xenon is the most expensive and is mainly used for commercial double-glazed glass windows and doors.

What are the benefits of double-glazed windows?

There are two main advantages of double-glazed windows

  • Insulation that helps you save on heating or energy bills

Heat gain or loss mainly occurs through windows or doors. It, therefore, makes much sense to modify windows and doors to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Double-glazed windows and doors are the solutions, and having them installed means you won't need to turn on your air conditioning unit frequently, lowering your energy bill.

  • Prevention of condensation that forms on windows

Condensation usually forms on single glazed windows if there's warm air inside and cold air outside. Of course, a little condensation isn't harmful, but if it's too much and there isn't good ventilation, mould may form, which can be bad for your health and home interior. Condensation mould can even leave your home smelling musty.

Double-glazed windows reduce the chances of condensation keeping your interior space damage-free and smelling fresh. They also help prevent respiratory diseases that may be caused by mould.

Are there disadvantages to double-glazed windows?

Not really, but you need to note three important things;

  • Get a professional to install double-glazed windows to ensure the air-filled pocket is airtight. If this space isn't sealed completely, you'll definitely see condensation and be forced to replace the window since repair is not an option.
  • Double-glazed windows can be expensive. Consider the ones filled with Argon gas first, which might be cheaper.
  • Double-glazed windows might not be a suitable option for everyone. Let an expert visit your home and give guidance or advice.