Factors to Consider When Buying New Stacker Doors

Stacker or sliding doors can be a good choice for any part of your home where you want to lead to the outside deck or patio, as they don't need the clearance of French doors or other such styles. Stacker doors can come in multiple sections so that you can easily slide open one or two sections and stack them onto a third, giving you ultimate control over the light and airflow into your home. Stacker doors come in a wide range of materials and styles and may also offer many different features, so you need to carefully consider your choices before you make a purchase. Note the following.

1. Glazing

Glazing, or the type and number of panes in a stacker door, is very important to note. You want to ensure that your stacker doors will insulate your home and keep it warm during wintertime, not allowing in drafts or cold air. The right glazing can also mean keeping out harsh sunlight and UV rays during summer months. Depending on your climate and the amount of direct sunlight versus shading on your property, and how much cold weather your home gets every year, you may want to invest in double glazed or even triple glazed windows and those that are specially coated to block out UV rays.

2. Noise insulation

If your home is near a heavy traffic area, you may want to invest in a noise insulation factor for your stacker doors. This may include double glazing or it may mean thicker doors that are meant to cut down on sound vibrations. Note too that some materials for the frame may conduct sound better while others work better to reduce it; for example, wood may be a better sound insulator than aluminum and other such materials. If you're concerned about how much noise might enter your home through your stacker doors, look for sound insulating features.

3. Price replacement glass

Before you choose any type of stacker door, be sure you price replacement glass for it. If a pane should get broken by a rock or any type of stray object, you need to know the cost in replacing the glass overall. If you choose something thicker or with a special type of coating for any reason, be sure you know how much it would cost to replace that entire pane. This is vital so you know of any potential repair costs down the road.