Dealing with a Broken Leadlight: A Guide

Leadlights are traditionally used in churches and public buildings. However, they are also becoming an increasingly popular decoration in residential properties. When sunlight passes through the coloured glass contained within a leadlight window, it can cast wonderful patterns on the walls of your home. However, leadlight windows require proper care and maintenance as they can be easily damaged. Below is a guide of the steps you will need to take to replace a broken piece of leadlight glass.

Check the size and shape of the glass

Because leadlights are often made using bespoke pieces of glass, you should first check the size and shape of the broken window. A regular glazier may not be able to supply you with glass which is cut to the correct shape or size. You may need to seek out a company which specialises in leadlight windows.

Remove the glass

You should carefully remove the broken window using a large screwdriver to lift the lead which is holding the glass in position. Once the lead is removed, you should be able to lift the glass panel out of the window. You should carefully remove any broken pieces of glass from the window and clean the surrounding area to ensure no sharp edges remain. Dispose of these shards of glass by wrapping them in a newspaper and placing them straight in the outdoor bin.

Create a template

You will need to supply the glazier with a model of the broken window so they can use it as a template when reproducing the design. To do this, you should place a thick piece of cardboard against the window and cut around the edge. You should then lay out the pieces of the leadlight on the cardboard and trace around the lines of the design. The cardboard template will give the glass replacement company an accurate idea of the size and design of the window.

Replace the glass

Once you have received your replacement leadlight, you can install it. Place the glass panel within the window frame and fill the space between the glass and the window frame with caulking. If you are concerned about getting excess caulking on the glass panel, you should apply masking tape to the edge of the panel before you begin. Leave the window overnight to let the caulk harden.

If you need to have the leadlight in your home repaired or replaced, contact a professional glazing company today.