The Pros and Cons of Car Window Tinting

One of the most common aftermarket alterations to be made to a car is to have the windows tinted, usually by placing a tinted screen over the glass. What are the pros and cons of having this screen?

The pros

The main advantage, and the main reason why people opt to have their windows tinted, is to reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation that passes through the glass. These ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, especially in very bright and sunny conditions. It should be remembered however that car windows already do a very good job of blocking these harmful rays. Tinting windows can certainly reduce the amount of radiation even further — but this does not mean that it was unsafe to begin with.

Tinting windows can also reduce the amount of heat that enters the car through the glass. A car that is too hot can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, and by stopping the sun's rays, tinting can contribute to a cooler car. However, you should remember that the tinting will also prevent heat from leaving the car and that the glass is not the only way that heat can enter.

The cons

One danger of tinting windows is that they can prevent the amount of visible light that enters the car. This means that you may have reduced visibility, particularly in poor light conditions, which can lead to a greater risk of accidents. Also, other road users may not be able to see in, which could lead them misjudging your intentions. There are also laws that dictate how much light a windscreen must allow through. These vary from state to state, and you should check that the result of the tinting complies with the law, as your car may be judged unroadworthy if it does not.

There will also, of course, be a financial cost to tinting your windscreen. It may not be the most expensive alteration to a car, but you should make sure that the job is being done properly and with good quality materials, rather than just going for the cheapest option.

Done properly, it appears that window tinting can make a contribution to reducing melanoma. If you often drive in sunny conditions and you are concerned about the risk, get in touch with a car window tinting service and discuss your needs, and you may be on your way to a safer drive.