Frequently Asked Questions about Leadlight Door Installation

Leadlight doors are visually appealing and welcoming to visitors and homeowners alike because they add beauty to the house's interior and exterior. You may also love them because they don't need additional decorations or finishes. They also let in a reasonable amount of light. Therefore, they're suitable for those who live in dark buildings and those who want to save on lighting bills. Below are the most commonly asked questions about leadlight door installation.  

1. Why Should You Install Leadlight Door?

Leadlight doors are suitable for outer or exterior doors because they have decorations and designs similar to stained glass doors. They also come in a range of colours, which allows you to choose one that fits your home's indoor and exterior décor. They also radiate colours on the hallways. Not to mention, they can improve the resale value of your house within a minimal budget. 

Many homeowners prefer these doors because they're easy to customise. That means manufacturers can easily alter the size, shape, and design to suit your home's style. 

These doors are sturdy and feature double frames in terms of security, making them hard to break. The coloured glass blocks anyone from seeing anything inside the house. This improves privacy and security. 

2. How Are Leadlight Made?

Leadlight doors feature lead strips laid out to form the frame or structure of the door depending on the target design. The laying of the strips is such that the system fits into smaller frames between the strips. Designers then fit the pieces of coloured and textured or non-textured glasses into the smaller structures.

They clamp and solder lead strips at different points to hold the pieces of glasses in position. Then, they fill the joints with putty prepared by mixing linseed oil. Finally, they brush the putty with plaster and black oxide dusting after two days.  

3. How Do You Tell That You Need Leadlight Door Restoration?   

A leadlight door restoration is critical if the lead strips begin to cut and fall off due to old age. The repair is necessary if the solder on the leadlight doors starts to crack and come off due to high temperatures. Old doors also begin to bulge and lose strength. They may begin to lose putty with time. These conditions call for immediate replacement or repair of the door.

Leadlight door restoration services will thoroughly inspect your door for damage. They use professional equipment and skill to restore residential and commercial leadlight doors.