3 Signs That You Need Double-Glazed Windows in Your Home

Does your home have double-glazed windows? Do you need them? Double-glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular due to their immense benefits in terms of energy and comfort. The windows are therefore a good feature to think about when planning to renovate or retrofit your home. In this article, find out if your home is a good candidate for double-glazed windows.

Does your home need better cooling and heating control?

Windows, though delightful for the light and views they provide, actively contribute to loss of energy in your home every single day. They allow cool air from the air conditioning to seep out during warm days and hot air from outside to get in. According to YourHome, windows can cause up to 40% heat loss and as much as 87% heat gain. This forces your air conditioning unit or furnace to work extra hard to keep your home at the desired temperatures. Double-glazed windows help to prevent this energy loss by trapping cold or hot air inside your home and preventing external heat from getting in. This ensures maximum comfort and reduces the amount of energy needed to attain a cool or heated indoor temperature.

Is your home exposed to high levels of noise?

Energy aside, double-glazed windows have the same effect on sound as they do on energy. The air between the double glazing helps to absorb sound and therefore reduce the amount of noise interference in your home. Double-glazed windows are therefore a joy to have if you live in a noisy area, e.g., near a road or school. The same also works in reverse, i.e., double glazed windows also prevent indoor noise from interfering with the outdoor environment.

Can your windows/home benefit from increased safety?

Another reason you may want to embrace double-glazed windows is due to the increased security they offer. By featuring two glass panes instead of one, these windows offer your home double the security found on single-glazed windows. That is because anyone trying to break into your home via a double-glazed window will have to work twice as much to get in compared to a single-glazed window. Also, in case your double-glazed window gets accidentally damaged, chances are that only one glass pane will break and the other will remain, thereby keeping your home protected from intrusion or weather interference.

Think you need double glazing? Talk to a window manufacturer and have your old windows retrofitted or replaced entirely.