The Benefits of Aluminium Framing for Double-Glazed Windows

Although wooden frames remain a popular choice for all sorts of fenestration unit, aluminium is becoming more and more fashionable for window frames in Australia nowadays. You might think of it as a thoroughly modern material for framing your home's glazing, but this is not the case. Aluminium window frames were first installed during the wave of skyscraper construction that swept Manhattan in the 1920s and 30s. Despite this, aluminium double-glazed windows still look contemporary when fitted to the average dwelling. Why would you choose it over other framing materials?

Low Noise

Aluminium is known to be a great material for housing two panes of glass in a double-glazing unit from the point of view of noise reduction. Anyone who lives close to a busy road or an airport knows the importance of preventing extraneous noise from coming into their home. Rather than opting for triple glazing, upgrading the frame material of double-glazed windows can lead to the desired reduction in noise. Aluminium provides just this sound dampening effect which makes a crucial difference if you want to shut out the world outside.

Thermal Retention

In the past, some people criticised the use of aluminium in frames for double-glazed windows because they thought it allowed too much heat to be passed from one side of the window to the other. A key reason for installing double-glazing instead of single glazing is because it helps to prevent heat transfer. If the frame does not back this up, then why use it? In fact, modern aluminium frames come with thermal break technology which adequately overcomes this issue. Double-glazed aluminium frames are just as effective with thermal retention as other options.

Tamper Resistance

When an intruder wants to break into your home, they will usually check out any weak points they can identify. Some window frames are known to professional criminals as being easy to force open to allow passage into a property. This is not the case with aluminium frames. Double-glazed door and window frames made from this durable metal are robust and can withstand a great deal of force being applied to them.

Finishing Choices

Aluminium is a metal that looks good in its natural state. You don't need to coat it with anything to protect it because it is not very corrosive at all. However, if you want durable double-glazing frames which fit in with the rest of your home's exterior decoration, then bear in mind that aluminium can be painted or powder coated in any colour your desire.