The Benefits of Aluminium Framing for Double-Glazed Windows

Although wooden frames remain a popular choice for all sorts of fenestration unit, aluminium is becoming more and more fashionable for window frames in Australia nowadays. You might think of it as a thoroughly modern material for framing your home's glazing, but this is not the case. Aluminium window frames were first installed during the wave of skyscraper construction that swept Manhattan in the 1920s and 30s. Despite this, aluminium double-glazed windows still look contemporary when fitted to the average dwelling. [Read More]

What to Look For When Choosing Interior Shutters for the Home

Interior shutters are a great type of window treatment for any room, but they work especially well in smaller spaces where oversized curtains and drapes might seem out of place. Shutters are also good for kitchens, where airborne grease and other food debris might get absorbed by curtains and roller shades. When you start shopping for interior shutters, you might be surprised to see the many options available when it comes to styles and materials, so note a few features to look for when you're ready to make your choice. [Read More]

2 Great Ways To Use Bifold Doors In Your Home's Interior

Bifold doors are a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. They look beautiful, they're practical, they're flexible, and they save valuable living space. Bifold doors are most commonly used to connect the inside of your home to outdoor living spaces. However, they can also be used to great advantage in the interior of your home. Here are two ideas for using bifold doors in your home. 1. Create a separate room in an open plan living space [Read More]

Dealing with a Broken Leadlight: A Guide

Leadlights are traditionally used in churches and public buildings. However, they are also becoming an increasingly popular decoration in residential properties. When sunlight passes through the coloured glass contained within a leadlight window, it can cast wonderful patterns on the walls of your home. However, leadlight windows require proper care and maintenance as they can be easily damaged. Below is a guide of the steps you will need to take to replace a broken piece of leadlight glass. [Read More]