How To Turn Your Skylight Into A Beautiful Feature

Skylights can add a lot of interest to a space, and they're a godsend in sloped attic rooms that might otherwise feel horribly small and cramped without any natural light. They're often a pain to dress, though; they're no good with conventional blinds or curtains, after all, and it's not like there's a windowsill you can leave ornaments on! There are ways that a skylight can be worked into the look and feel of a room, however, making everything feel more cohesive and planned out. [Read More]

Mess From Above: How to Stop Birds Making a Mess on Your Skylight

Because skylights face directly upwards, they are prime targets for bird droppings. No one wants to look up and see pigeon poop rather than the clear blue sky. Below are 5 ways you can help to keep birds away from your skylight so they stay nice and clean. Install plastic spikes Anti-bird spikes are small strips of sharp plastic spikes which can be easily fitted around your skylight. Because they are made from plastic, they will not hurt any birds which try to land on them, but they will be uncomfortable enough to stop the bird perching near the skylight. [Read More]

Why You Should Choose Bi-fold Doors For Your New-build Home

Many new-build home builders are choosing an open-plan layout with plenty of light and a spacious, airy feel.  This is where bi-fold doors make a perfect choice over the more traditional option of sliding windows.  Read on to find out why. Accessibility Bi-fold doors give you the option to bring the outdoors indoors.  For example, if your kitchen looks out onto your decking or patio area, bi-fold doors can be opened fully during pleasant summer weather, effectively extending your indoor space and creating a whole new room. [Read More]

The Benefits of Window Film for Your Home

Putting film over your windows at home is a good option versus replacing your windows altogether and can mean protection for your windows and for you. If you're not sure of the advantages of window film for home, note a few ways it can benefit your home and your family. 1. Insulation Many window films are meant to be thick enough that they actually provide a type of insulation for your home, keeping in the heated air during wintertime and the air conditioning during summer time. [Read More]